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Packing is one of the most important aspects of moving, but it is often overlooked. All your items need to be well packed and protected to survive the move unscathed.

Star Worldwide Movers provide you with the necessary packing services in order to pack your items carefully and securely, furthermore, our experts will provide useful packing tips on how to pack special items, such as antiques, artwork, china, electronics, and the like.


If you are concerned with packing certain items, or perhaps, you find the task a bit overwhelming, Star Worldwide Movers can perform the packing service for you. We have the ability to carefully disassemble large items and provide custom-sized packing boxes to accommodate your items.

Our packing services team is composed of trained professionals, who understand the importance of protecting every last items, no matter how minor it may seem.

Tips for Packing:

Do you think vacating a house and moving to a new one is a cake walk? Well, ask someone who has undergone the ordeal. But if you have organized all your stuff and packed them in the right way, half of the battle is won. This might take some time and a little bit of patience, but will definitely break the stereotype of moving as a nightmare. Here are some smart packing and moving tips for you that will make your moving experience so much easier.

Things you will needimage_2

  • Cartons
  • Bubble wraps
  • Stretch wraps
  • Saran wraps
  • Press and Seal
  • Old newspapers/clothes
  • Tape and marker
  • Cartons

As soon as the moving date is decided, do a quick survey of your house and prepare a list of what needs to be taken with you and what should be thrown away. If you haven’t used a particular item in a year, you can consider recycling it or selling it off. Utilize this opportunity to do some charity. Donate the stuff which is no longer of any use to you.

Get the right boxes for your belongings. Obviously you do not want a scratch on your prized possession or any glitch in your expensive appliances. To make things easier, put together all the things that you want to take away with you in a huge plastic or laundry bag. This will ensure you do not miss out something and that the unwanted stuff is discarded at the same time.

Buying bubble wraps for all items can be expensive. To save you the cost, we recommend packing fragile and small items in woolen socks. This will also provide extra padding to your stuff. Pack the heavier items in smaller boxes and the lighter ones in larger boxes. Label each box with their content and the room in which they are to be placed.

Wrap toiletries in saran wraps and then put back the caps. This will prevent them from leaking and spoiling other items. You can also pack food materials in saran wraps. To keep your drawers intact you can use press and seal. This will also save you the trouble of unpacking and re-organizing the contents of the drawer.

Keep a separate bag assigned for things that you will need immediately after you reach your new home. These can include:

  • One pair of clothes for each member in the house.
  • Toothbrush, soap and toiletries
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Disposable plates and cups
  • First aid kit

Once you are at your new home don’t stress yourself by unpacking all the stuff on the same day. Get your kids’ bedroom and your bedroom organized first, so that you can have a good night’s sleep and then go for the other rooms gradually.