Moving Just a Few Items?

You may have packed a few boxes for yourself and just want them shipped as economically as possible. Maybe you have fragile or expensive items that require extra care and attention. Moving everything from your home including the grand piano? No problem. We have the solution.

Smaller shipments and less than full container loads? Experience has shown us that the shipping of loose or individual items in shipping containers often results in extra handling and subsequently increases the chance of damage.

We ensure that all your goods are thoroughly prepared for export by loading all packed items together onto export standard pallets. This pallet and your goods are then Shrink-wrapped (Refer to illustration below). This is then heat treated to shrink and tighten your goods to the pallet. We now have strong, durable, secure and weather protected covering.

Few_SingleItem1. Single items, packed and ready to palleries.

Few_HeavyDuty4. Heavy Duty weatherproof bag cover from head to toe.

Few_PositionedOn2. Positioned on to pallet. Fitted possible to reduce space taken.

Few_LastlyStrapped5. Lastly strapped & secured to pallets.

Few_ThenSkinned3. Then skinned with a cardboard layer and double Bubble Wrapped.

Few_LoadedSecured6. Loaded, secured and ready to Roll Safe, Secure, Clean and Dry…

We believe that we are the only moving company who employ this method for the shipment of personal effects. Not only does this reduce the amount of man handling but also ensures that you are charged for the exact space that is taken in our shipping containers and, as our shrink-wrap is black, the content remains unseen to prying eyes.