International Moving – Insurance

The competence of Star Worldwide Movers to handle every facet of international movement of goods affords us an ability to deliver extremely cost-effective insurance coverage. And, as part of our full service commitment, we provide marine and warehouse insurance for everything we ship, from project cargo to household goods. We can specifically tailor coverage to suit any particular situation. Our connections to the worldwide insurance markets ensures more than favourable rates to our clients. And our ability to quote jobs quicklyand accurately gives us a timely advantage in a fast-paced world.

Moving Overseas

Whether you’re moving to Australia, New Zealand, the UK or USA , moving overseas can be stressful.

When you are moving overseas, a good international mover will make all the difference with planning, expertise and the resources. Star Worldwide Movers takes pride in being that international moving company.

Our international moving services include:

Full and part loads in shipping containers.

Packing: When you are moving overseas a full packing services can have a variety of benefits. Apart from the obvious benefit of keeping your goods secure, it means your international mover creates your inventory for you, and is able to present this to your destination customs agency. In addition to this there are insurance implications. Goods packed by the international removalist are eligible for full insurance cover, while goods packed by the owner are only eligible for a limited cover.

Specialist Packing and crating: Fine art, musical instruments, valuable china, are all safe in the hands of Star Worldwide Movers. We use specialist international packing and crating techniques that keep the most delicate of items safe in international transport.

Vehicles and boat transport: Star Mover’s international vehicle transport arm is a growing part of our business built on our experience and track record of safe international vehicle transport.

International pet transport: We will take special care of your little friend. We know that when you are moving overseas so are they, and our pet transport partners offer sensitive and professional options for an affordable price.

Insurance: When furniture is moved it is always subject to risk, even with the best international moving company. Transit Insurance is an important part of any international move to offer peace of mind in the unlikely event that something may happen. Please ask for our Product Disclosure Statement for more information on our removal marine transit insurance policy.

Storage: Star Worldwide Movers’s dry, safe, high security facilities offer safe storage services that can form part of our International moving service or simply if you need more space at home.

Corporate Moving

Star Worldwide Movers has a specialist approach to corporate moving. Each relocate is hanled from door to door by the same relocation specialist and they are able to contact that personal at any point of their relocation. The move co-ordinator will book the transport, cleaning, packing, pet relocation and any other necessary service as well as liase directly with the destination agent. It’s a personal approach and has brought great satisfaction from individuals and families relocating overseas through their company