Moving to Taiwan | Shipping To Taiwan

Moving to Taiwan ? Over the last 20 years we have moved thousands of individuals and families to hundreds of destinations across Taiwan. As one of our most popular destinations, we have built up a lot of expertise in shipping to Taiwan. We have a network of experienced and reliable agents in many of the major Taiwan cities , We are experienced in sending your possessions, whether it is one suitcase or a complete five bedroom house, by both sea and airfreight, and can offer you competitive rates for a frequent and fast service .

So whether its moving to Taipei, moving to Kaohsiung, moving to Taichung, moving to Tainan or any of the other Taiwan cities, choose Star Worldwide Movers as your relocation partner,we know how to move your goods there quickly and efficiently.

We handle every aspect of your move from packing, storage, insurance, shipping, customs and quarantine clearance and delivery to and unpacking at your new residence. Please contact one of our consultants for expert guidance on your move to Taiwan 

Services Offered By Us:


  • Guaranteed On-time International Delivery
  • Special Cargo Services
  • Standard Shipping Containers
  • Quality Packing Services by Trained Professionals
  • Schedules and Information of Shipping Vehicle
  • Custom Forms
  • Moving Pets and Vehicles
  • Export Packing Crates and Pallets
  • Loading and Unloading Containers

How We Pack Your Stuff?

Packing is the most difficult part in the entire moving process. We make it easier for you with our expert packing services optimized to take care of all your needs effectively. Whether it is bulky goods like furniture, expensive items like electronics or delicate stuff like antiques and artwork, we have separate packing solutions for all.

Avail our packing services and watch a team of trained professionals painstakingly do the task they have been doing for years.

Prepare a Directory of All Your belongings

Done with the packing? Our executives will help you prepare a checklist of all the items that are supposed to be transported to Taiwan. Just mention the box number followed with a word or two specifying the content. For example:


Box 1: Utensils
Box 2: Clothes
Box 3: Antiques

If you have decided to do the packing on your own, make sure you have correctly prepared the list of goods and hand it over to our staff along with a copy of the photo page of your passport, prior to the moving day.

How We Make Your Move to Taiwan Easier?

With the expertise and experience of a company like ours, moving becomes much easier. We pay scrupulous attention to each and every detail, right from the beginning to the very end of the move. Moving for us is not just about transporting your goods from one city or country to another, but it is about making you feel at ease and reduce the stress related to moving. We are not only your professional movers but also your personal go-to resource for any query, doubt, or confusion during any time of the move.