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Moving from Malaysia to New Zealand ? Or Shipping To New Zealand ? Over the last 20 years we have moved thousands of individuals and families to hundreds of destinations across New Zealand. As one of our most popular destinations, we have built up a lot of expertise in shipping to New Zealand. We have a network of experienced and reliable agents in many of the major New Zealand cities , We are experienced in sending your possessions, whether it is one suitcase or a complete five bedroom house, by both sea and airfreight, and can offer you competitive rates for a frequent and fast service .

So whether its moving to Auckland, moving to Wellington, moving to Christchurch, moving to New Plymouth or any of the other New Zealand cities, choose Star Worldwide Movers as your relocation partner,we know how to move your goods there quickly and efficiently.

We handle every aspect of your move from packing, storage, insurance, shipping, customs and quarantine clearance and delivery to and unpacking at your new residence. Please contact one of our consultants for expert guidance on your move to New Zealand at:

Some of our services include:


  • “Only Boxes” Shipping
  • Part Load Shipment
  • 20′ and 40′ Dry Cargo Containers
  • Expert Packing Services
  • Part Packing Services for Delicate Items
  • Furniture Export Wrapping
  • Shipping Artwork
  • Vehicle Shipping
  • Moving Pets Overseas

Export Wrapping and Packing Services:

For packing your belongings we use high quality and best-in-class materials to ensure no damage is caused during the transit. The goods are packed in custom sized packing boxes to easily fit all items. Special packing techniques are used for packing the delicate and fragile items.

Export wrapping is done for heavy goods like furniture, to ensure safe delivery. Other than the export wrapping services, we make sure that all antiques and certain furniture which have greater chances of damage during transit are packed in wooden crates.

Important Documents Required for Moving to New Zealand:

After you are done with the packing, prepare a list of all the items that are being transported to New Zealand. It is not necessary that each and every item should be mentioned in the document. Just prepare a list mentioning the main items.
For example:

Box of Clothes
Box of Chinaware
Box of Computer Hardware

If you avail our packing services, out team of expert professionals will prepare the list for you. You will also be asked to submit a copy of the picture page of your passport and fill a custom form which will be handy for answering any question you may have.


Why to Choose Star Worldwide Movers?

We handle all your belongings with personal care and attention, so our customers have never come up with any complaints related to our quality of work. For us, no one comes before our clients. Because of our commitment to customer satisfaction, on-time delivery and error free work, today we are known as one of the leading moving service providers in the international market. Our trained professionals will take care of all your moving needs while you just prepare yourself to move to the country with the wow effect.


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